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The Inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate
About Me

About Me

Vivian Acquah

As an inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate, I advise managers on how to keep their team members engaged, energized, and safe in a sustainable, long-term way. 


A clear Workplace Wellness/Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy & implementation will fix your hidden cost drains and missed opportunity costs because it will improve talent retention, engagement, employer branding, and connection with diverse talent. 

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My Services

Microphone Viva la Vive

Public Speaker

Delivering keynotes + training and workshops on: mental wellbeing, diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), psychological wellbeing, career wellbeing, psychological wellbeing and financial wellbeing.

Design Viva la Vive

Developing Programs

Consulting on and strategizing the best steps to improve your organization’s workplace wellness, sense of belonging in the workplace  - and then putting them into action.

Audit Viva la Vive

Workplace Wellness & DEI Audit

Performing workplace audits related to workplace wellness, diversity, equity & inclusion to uncover existing stress points and identify workplace wins.

Personal Branding Viva la Vive

Personal Branding & Coaching

Inspirational coaching + mentoring on personal branding to support those who want to amplify their voice online like on LinkedIn. 

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Does Stress Come With The Job?

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Waarom Is Duurzame Inzetbaarheid Belangrijk?

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